Police cars that make a leap in time for the 175th of the SPVM

Avto 2 March, 2018
  • Courtesy SPVM

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    Thursday, 1 march 2018 13:09

    Thursday, 1 march 2018 13:18

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    Notice to citizens: if you see police cars up with the paces of the 1930s or the 1950s, you did not seeing things.

    As part of its 175th anniversary, the Service de police de la Ville de Montréal (SPVM) has decided to give four of his cars look old to mark this special year and to pay tribute to police officers who have patrolled the city.

    The fleet Legacy of the SPVM is composed of four patrol vehicles contemporary to have been dressed according to the designs old police vehicles of the years 1931 to 1972.They can be spotted in Montreal until the end of the year 2018.

    The police in its infancy“At the beginning of the colony, Montreal’s first under the protection of soldiers of the French regime, and then to various forms of civilian militia. Then, in the early 1800s, the presence of thieves leads to the creation of a body of the watch. These members roam the streets, the night, light the lamps and cry out for hours. When everything is going well, they launched an “All is well”, which earned the nickname of “bazouelles” to the first “patrol” of Montreal,” according to a press release from the SPVM.

    Courtesy SPVM

    Finally, in 1843, Montréal established a police force.

    Today, 175 years later, the SPVM is the largest municipal police of Quebec, which employs a total of 6000 people, including more than 4600 police officers.

    Courtesy SPVM