Pollution : the end of gasoline-powered vehicles would save thousands of lives

Avto 11 December, 2017
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    Monday, December 11, 2017 14:05

    Monday, December 11, 2017 14:05

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    If the big cities in the global network C40 were doing away with the gasoline vehicles, as contemplated in some to 2030, 45 000 deaths related to air pollution could be avoided each year, according to estimates by the C40.


    In October, 12 major cities, including Paris, Los Angeles, Mexico city, Mexico and Seattle, “are committed to this that there are more vehicles on fossil fuels in their streets by 2030,” said the mayor of Paris and president of the network’s 91 cities engaged in the fight against climate change.


    “In 2030, thanks to this measure, the level of fine particulate matter in Paris and in the 11 other cities is expected to decline to about 1.3 micrograms per m3 “, she added during a press conference with Arnold Schwarzenegger, the founder of the organization R20, which brings together regional governments.


    Such a decrease of these harmful particles that infiltrate deep into the lungs could prevent 400 premature deaths per year in Paris and an increase of 21 days of life expectancy on average, to all the Parisians, according to estimates by the C40 based on the results of a hundred scientific studies.


    And if all the cities in the C40 managed to reduce the fine particulate matter of 2.5 mg/m3, goal is ” difficult but accessible “, “more than 45 000 premature deaths could be avoided each year,” according to the C40, as well as thousands of hospitalizations for respiratory or cardiovascular conditions.


    “We have the right to control the air that we breathe,” insisted Arnold Schwarzenegger arrived at the hotel de ville bike ride, saying it was a “mistake” to wait for international agreements or decisions of the “federal government” to act for the environment.


    To encourage the disengagement of gasoline vehicles, Anne Hidalgo has announced a new “financial aid” of the City to encourage individuals and small businesses to switch to electric vehicles.