Polo, hoodie, bomber … The must-have of the collection SS17 of Unkut, the brand of Booba

Avto 2 February, 2017

Unkut, the clothing brand of Booba, launched the autumn-summer 2017 collection. Between polo, hoodie and bomber, here are the must-haves of the brand that must absolutely shopper
In recent years, Booba Ünkut turned into must-style made in France. And today, the brand at U trema dares and metamorphoses its basics. While the interpreter of DKR continues to unveil saps stylish logo with UKT , the second drop of the SS17 collection is now available in stores. If you want to expand your wardrobe with Ünkut signed saps, it’s now or never for the new collection is synonymous with DOPE . And here is a small selection composed of polo shirts, hoodies and bombers that must absolutely shopper.
If the Unit jacket and vest Burgundy seem to be essential to any man’s wardrobe that respects , it also gets off the Guerilla theme that comes in t-shirt, hat, pants and jacket two materials. Polo level, we appreciated the Duke theme and the Swing theme which are available in several colors. To fine-tune your look, there’s nothing like a wallet or a bag from the brand to the Utréma. If you want a set OKM 100% street, chooses on the Ünkut eshop for bomber jacket in “Burgundy” Hoodie Black Forest and the Trapper shirt tied at the waist without forgetting the cap Ultimate.