PowerBeats3 Wireless: We tested the favorite sports headphones by Marco Verratti!

Techno 13 April, 2017

At the moment, we are in a sporty mood at meltyStyle! We went running with Beats by Dre’s PowerBeats3 Wireless headphones, and we give you our impressions on that.
Last week, Marco Verratti posed with Beats by Dre’s PowerBeats3 Wireless on Instagram . He said he was “ready to give everything for the end of the season” , accompanied by his favorite headphones. A state of mind that resulted in an excellent performance in Ligue 1 last Sunday. But what really are the PowerBeats3 Wireless that the Italian prodigy likes so much to put forward? This is precisely the question that we wanted to answer by testing the accessory for several days in a row. Specially designed for sports, the latest Beats by Dre headphones provide unparalleled comfort. 4 ear tips are available, so you can choose the one that suits you best. A detail that the ” We really enjoyed it! Before going any further, we let you discover the product in pictures.
With the PowerBeats 3 Wireless, you can run, do abs and jump in peace … They do not move a centimeter, even during a live session. No excuse to stop and take your breath while your objective is not ok! Especially because they resist water and sweat, to accompany you in the effort without ever letting go. Another advantage of PowerBeats 3 Wireless is their autonomy! They integrate the Apple W1 chip, and are capable of running for more than 12 hours without stopping. And in case you need it for an improvised session, Fast Fuel technology gives you an extra hour of listening in just 5 minutes of charge . She was tested on her way back from work, And the time to get dressed, the Powerbeats3 Wireless were ready. You understood, Beats has done everything to adapt to the athletes and their needs.
It’s no secret that sports headphones do not have the ambition to broadcast a studio quality sound. Audiophiles who do not practice sports would therefore have no interest in shopping those of the American giant. But the Powerbeats3 Wireless have the merit of offering an immersive and powerful sound, perfect to restore your motivation when you start to tire. As is often the case with Beats by Dre, the bass level is impressive. And it must be admitted, it’s what you need during a workout. The treble is a little less pampered, but it remains honorable. As for the clarity of the sound proposed, it is very satisfactory, although it declines when one decides to increase the volume. It’s up to you to see how you like to listen to your music, Even if you want to search the various options. To summarize, it looks like the PowerBeats3 Wireless are perfect for athletes who want to sweat a powerful sound. If you want to shopper them, know that they are available for 199,99 euros on the site of Apple . Unless you prefer to opt for the Beats X, validated by many celebrities . Tempted by Beats by Dre headphones? Validated by many celebrities . Tempted by Beats by Dre headphones? Validated by many celebrities . Tempted by Beats by Dre headphones?