Praise is accidental in the sub-compact

Avto 12 January, 2018
  • Marc Lachapelle

    Marc Lachapelle

    Thursday, January 11, 2018 12:02

    Thursday, January 11, 2018 12:02

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    Each year, a few dozens of automotive journalists in this province are looking for a test vehicle for the Holiday season.

    The more smart people there are very early, because the demand is high for the machines most spacious and practical. Question of transporting all his world and all the bébelles imaginable in comfort and warm.

    I have to say, I was expecting a luxury sport utility for the Holiday season. One of the most new, powerful and distinguished of the time, I had the chance to drive at its launch. I was looking forward to, quite frankly, convinced that this powerful four-wheel drive vehicle was going to be, for sure, the sled Christmas the coolest of all.

    Well, this beast beautiful was never cleared. She is without a doubt stuck in some mysterious warehouse or a corner. Go therefore know. The ways of the automakers are, they also, sometimes impenetrable.

    Like Cinderella

    A few days Holiday, so I willingly accepted the offer to lead a version GLS the Hyundai Accent, all-new for 2018. After all, a good automotive journalist should know and try everything that is new, regardless of the price or the technical data sheet. And so what if it doesn’t impress as much as the old chums or in-laws this year.

    Marc Lachapelle


    So I went finally hunting for gifts on the 22nd December, once my chronic delivered, at the wheel of this small sub-compact sedan of Korean red no boasting. Put that with his fiery four-cylinder naturally aspirated 1.6 liter, automatic transmission, six-speed and only two-wheel drive to the front, I didn’t exactly like Ken Block in his Mustang Hoonigan 800 horses train full.


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    The next day, I climbed, however, the côte De Lorimier and went then on Sherbrooke, heading west, at the wheel of the small Emphasis. I was completely under the impression of navigating the dozen inches of snow already fallen, molded by everything that was proceeding still in the city, en route to a first party of the family.

    While my blonde, allergic to speed and accustomed to the behavior of our family train full, did not relish so much feel the Emphasis waltzing happily, I was rediscovering the challenge and the secret pleasure of driving a small traction on the snow.

    It reminded me of the lightning strike of absolute Quebec for the first Honda Civic in 1973. She was tiny, adorable and when she embourbait on a snow a little too thick, it raised just the rear bumper in two, it gave him a little push and it sped off. A true snowmobile. Or almost.

    Honda Civic 1973


    Surdouées discrete

    Honda learned then to manufacture Civic that will not rust in a season and that is heat up and defrost properly. The one that has just won its 20th consecutive title of best-selling in the country is also much more sturdy, and infinitely better equipped than its ancestor.

    My little Focus of the Festivities was certainly not in rest, for all that. The heated seats were incredibly powerful and fast, almost too much. -25 degrees Celsius, it into account seriously. I enjoyed greatly the heated steering wheel leather-wrapped, black, for the same reasons, in addition to the 7 inch touch screen with parking camera and the myriad of outlets and connection interfaces. Not to mention the wide range of security systems and conduct.

    Marc Lachapelle


    I would expect however the version with a tailgate of this new Focus, which arrives this spring. Especially for the rear wiper. Because in the middle of a sprint or gifts, or a rally of shops, a snow storm, it has no price.

    One thing is certain, to paraphrase a title for the mode : do you really need more than a sub-compact? These cars may not be more as popular as in the past, but the best are remarkably frugal environment, reliable, agile, practical, safe and well-equipped. Even rather fun to drive, if not exciting or sexy. And this new Emphasis is very definitely in the lead.