PS4 Pro: A new boost mode further increases its capabilities

Techno 6 February, 2017

If the new Sony update is still in beta at the moment, it should allow players to boost the capabilities of their PS4 Pro more. Watch your eyes.
You know, the PS4 Pro can play many games released on the Sony console, while enjoying great graphical enhancements, including compatibility 4K Pro PS4 . Initially, the new machine was designed to bind automatically on games that were not optimized for the occasion. With the new update 4.50, which is currently in the testing phase, players can now enjoy unfettered console , that will turn any game more easily. The manufacturer has confirmed to the website The Verge that this new mode “increases the CPU clock speed and GPU in order to improve playing conditions on some PS4 titles released prior to the launch of the PS4 Pro. Games with The frequency of refresh is variable can benefit from a better fluidity and the loading times can also decrease in some cases “.
You will therefore understand, it will not really matter to improve the PS4 games not optimized for Pro PS4 , but rather to ensure far fewer technical problems, especially at the time of loading and fluidity of the game. changes that are not obvious, but offer a real improvement, allowing you to monetize the new console Sony with all games released on PS4, not just the few optimized titles. Obviously, this optimization will have no effect on games that have already received an optimization patch, and it will be disabled at any time if the player detects a possible problem. To recall, the update 4.50 for the Pro PS4 will also connect an external hard drive and watch movies in 3D. What do you think of this new update?

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