Radulov and Markov will not return to their conditions, ” said Bergevin

Avto 3 July, 2017

Photo: Christian Petersen / Getty Images / Agence France-Presse
The attacker Alexander Radulov and defender Andrei Markov

Not only Marc Bergevin has not announced that it had awarded new contracts to veteran defender Andrei Markov and the attacker Alexander Radulov Sunday, he implied that the door would eventually close if the two Russians were camped on their positions.


During a press conference in the margin of the contract extension given to goalkeeper Carey Price, the director general of the Canadian is shown very clear in its intentions in the face of two of the pillars of the team last season.


“I talked to two players, one has made proposals that they have decided not to accept to become a free agent. It is their right and I respect that. But in the end, if I look at their requests, it is impossible to bring the two, ” said Bergevin.


In the speech he delivered to journalists, Bergevin said he had hoped to come to agreements with Markov and Radulov, but not at any price, in one case as in the other.


“I made it clear to [Markov] that we wanted him to come back, but we can go up to a certain point,” noted Bergevin.


“It’s true that we want to bring back Radulov in Montreal, but not in its terms to him, it is under the terms of the Canadian of Montreal, has also indicated Bergevin. It is a decision he has to take. If he wants to be part of a good team to Montreal, or go elsewhere, it belongs to him. We made an offer that was very, very tempting and he decided to go on the market for free agents. It belongs to him “, he repeated.


In regards to Radulov, depending on what was mentioned Bergevin, the negotiations seem to have been arduous from the start.


“During my early conversations with the agent of Alex in the month of January, the requests you have made to fall down from your chair. Quietly, he realized that what he wanted, this was not a reality. The market, one is better placed to know because we often talk between general managers. This is something that I tried to explain to the agent, but in this case, he didn’t really want to listen to. Today, it is still a free agent. “

Different contexts

Markov and Radulov are two players offline more in order always available, more than 24 hours after the opening of the free agent market on Saturday.


And their context is very different. The first, which was not the bargaining agent, has given 16 years of his life in Canada and had left to imply, after the elimination of the team in the hands of the New York Rangers, he would love to finish his career in Montreal. As for Radulov, the Canadian offered attractive financial terms to return to the NHL after a stay of several years in the KHL.


When he was asked if he felt a certain disappointment in the folder of Radulov, Bergevin went to an analogy that has made laugh the journalists.


“A year ago, when no one, no one in the NHL came forward to give him a contract, the Canadian did. A saying in English says that “if you want loyalty, buy a dog !” I respect the fact that he is a free agent and he wants to test the market. This is correct. The way things are. I have no grudge. “


When asked about the possibility that Radulov and Markov are evolving in other lands, Carey Price said he hopes the review with the Canadian.


“I’ve been in the industry long enough to know that the players take decisions in the context of their families and themselves. They have been two important pieces of our team last year, and I hope that we can find a way to keep them in our training. I consider them as two very good friends and I would be disappointed to see them go. “

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