Reebok: Kendrick Lamar talks about Club C in front of a tennis court

Avto 30 January, 2017

To highlight the Reebok Club C, Kendrick Lamar gives advice through four videos full of common sense. K.Dot, a model to follow.
After unveiling the new Reebok Club C, Kendrick Lamar has not stopped promoting it. The Compton rapper in California lent himself to an exercise proposed by the Anglo-American brand. Through four videos of about twenty seconds, K.Dot explains his vision to be a champion and achieve his goals. A beautiful message filled with common sense that leaves us to reflect on the trajectory of our lives. And yes, all for a simple shoe. Like what, charisma, it was or not … The multi-award-winning artist is primarily for “underdogs” – meaning “oppressed” here – so they can raise their heads anyway come. Discover her words below.
Kendrick Lamar says the Club C is a period of life in which “he would reach a certain level of success” . For him a champion must be “passionate” , “without fear” and have “fangs” to get the success that discount. This is why he explains later that he always did what he wanted to do, a priori, without really putting limits. Everything happens at the heart even if victory escapes us, we always have to rise despite what people can say. In short, you should never give up. This is the message of Kendrick Lamar which makes a new collaboration with Reebok Classic after the special Black Friday . Club C has been available since mid-January.