Reebok x Clothes: The price of the new InstaPump Fury may leave you speechless!

Avto 31 January, 2017

The ‘Reebok x Clothing’ team is back. A new InstaPump Fury is approaching but the price of this sneaker may leave you speechless.
Clothing continues to develop its collaboration with Reebok. As part of the Spring-Summer 2017 fashion show at the Fashion Week in Paris, we were able to discover the new sneaker from the Reebok x Clothing team. This is the instaPump Fury. But unlike the Pump Supreme which was released last year, the new pair has already created controversy. It must be said that its exorbitant price could make many crying sneakers addicts. Hang on to your chair before reading the rest of this article.
Aesthetically, the new InstaPump Fury does not make everyone agree. The silhouette stands out with words and phrases scribbled rather anarchically. The sneaker addicts believe that the price of this pair that should be around 600 euros is very high for what it really is. At meltyStyle, we’re almost of the same opinion. The new InstaPump Fury gives us the impression of having done paint and DIY all day lol. But if you want the shopper, you can find the sneaker and apparel Reebok, here . For the moment, no release date has been disclosed. Otherwise, you can (re) discover the Club C Reebok and Kendrick Lamar