Rick and Morty season 4 : first teaser amazing for the series phenomenon

Cinema 23 August, 2018






Since the time we waited for news of a season 4 Rick and Morty, don’t worry, it is there. The official Twitter account of the series has even shared a short trailer.

Some time ago, it was believed the series threatened, under the yoke of a cancellation is imminent that would put an end to the adventures explosive of Rick and Morty. Fortunately, the show returns from the limbo, more than ever, since one of its creators, Justin Roiland, has announced the renewal of the series for 70 new episodes !

A reversal of the situation which proves that Rick and Morty has been successful for the dante, and is by far the most watched of the channel Adult Swim.


It makes a lot, a lot of ups and downs !


Although no release date has been announced for the moment, the Twitter account of the series has already relayed a first teaser. A video a little nebulous and not stating anything concrete about what we expected, but very atypical. Although it is chock-full of references to old episodes of the saga, which stands out especially this is the style of this teaser.

Is what Rick and Morty is going to change the tone to take a look more super-heroic and strongly inspired by the comics instead of his body wiry, his old bouilles round and protruding eyes ?


#RickandMorty pic.twitter.com/YDbPxjZVMg

— Rick and Morty (@RickandMorty) August 21, 2018


If you pay attention, you will notice that the giant arm of Morty from the episode with Rick in search of the green stone in the 3 season is back in the race. Just as the Cromulons from episode 5 of season 2, the old dog of Morty with an increased intelligence and a suit of giant robot and immortal Squanchy, who also took on a new aesthetic improvement.

The main question remains whether this change in design will take place during the entire season, or only during a few episodes. Because, well, we are not used to it, we…


“Teaming with you we swing into the new season !”