Riverdale: The Renewed Series for a Season 2!

Good news for Riverdale fans! The new series of the CW will be entitled to a season 2.
We had seen him coming! We suspected but it is now official, the Riverdale series will have a season 2 ! The CW made the suspense last but with rather good audiences and a fanbase already totally addicted , this renewal was almost inevitable. The new show of the CW has not finished to seduce us. Besides, if you have not always put yourself there (it’s not for want of repeating it!), That’s another reason to throw you on this Twin Peaks 2.0 . The first six episodes of season 1 are already available on our great friend Netflix which, you are reminded, is broadcasting the series in US + 24 …
As a reminder, this first season of 13 episodes focuses on the mystery surrounding the death of the young high school star, Jason Blossom . Between the many secrets of the people of Riverdale and their stories of heart, one no longer knows where to head! This week, in episode 7 of Riverdale, the investigation will continue and highlight the secrets of Jughead , the Archie BFF. So, is the potential new Betty guy involved in Jason’s death? To find out, do not miss this new episode, Thursday night on the CW (and the next day on Netflix ). Fans of Riverdale here?

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