Rudy Giuliani will not Minister Donald Trump

International 10 December, 2016

The outcome seems close in the saga of the expected appointment of the next head of the US diplomacy. Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani said he voluntarily withdrew his candidacy, opening wide the door to his rivals in the first place Mitt Romney.

In a statement, the Trump Organization said Friday that Rudy Giuliani, 72, had withdrawn his candidacy for any position in the future administration during a visit on November 29, with the real estate mogul.

This is the day the president-elect, who takes office on January 20, had dinner in front of cameras in New York with Mitt Romney, former became contemptuous admiration of Mr. Trump.

“Rudy was an extraordinary cabinet member at several positions, but I completely respect and understand his reasons for staying in the private sector,” said Donald Trump in a statement.

Rudy Giuliani did not give the reasons for his withdrawal from the race, saying only that the decision had “nothing to do with me, it has to do with what is best for the country and the new administration.” He says he will continue his consulting activities.

It is unknown why the news of his withdrawal was kept secret for ten days.

This is the third Republican heavyweight to have supported unrestrained Donald Trump during the election campaign which is found excluded from the inner circle, with former House Speaker Newt Gingrich and New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, whose the future is not yet defined but was left out of the transition team.

The withdrawal of Rudy Giuliani should relieve the career diplomats who feared the arrival of this politician outspoken legendary and typical uncompromising ways of the city of New York, without much experience in international relations.

Besides Mitt Romney, the contenders for the post of secretary of state include former CIA director David Petraeus; Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Senate Bob Corker; the boss of ExxonMobil, Rex Tillerson; or the Republican parliamentary Dana Rohrabacher.

The tour continues

Traveling in Louisiana, Donald Trump did not mention the new, focusing for one day on the last undecided election season: the second round Saturday in the Senate of Louisiana, which could bring its majority additional seating if victory of Republican candidate John Kennedy.

In this oil region, in Baton Rouge, he promised his supporters to build new refineries.

“We will cancel the restrictions on the production of oil, natural gas and clean coal destroy jobs,” commented Donald Trump.

“We have not built refineries for decades, is not it? We will build refineries, “he promised. Today, “we use other countries’ refineries, all this is crazy, this is crazy.”

The day before he had appointed a support fossil energy sector to the Environmental Protection Agency, Scott Pruitt, promising to remove many environmental regulations.

Baton Rouge was the fourth meeting since its election on 8 November, and he had an appointment Friday night in Grand Rapids, Michigan. He went for a little over a week in Ohio, North Carolina, Iowa and Louisiana State won at the polls.

It runs every time the outlines of his project: health, international trade, immigration, military and “America first”.

Friday, Donald Trump is back on ordering new airplanes presidential Air Force One Boeing, the US aerospace group he criticized for the amount of the contract, according to him excessive.

He said he had “great respect” for Boeing, before attacking the procurement officials at the Pentagon.

“I think I’ll ban all those who sign these huge military contracts to work for companies that produce equipment for forever,” he said.

Very comfortable in a crowd of thousands of people, he also said his pride at having been named Person of the Year by Time magazine … But he had fun asking his audience if he preferred the old name of “man of the year”, calling the change “politically correct”.