Russians choose Donald Trump, “peace candidate”

Politics 5 November, 2016

Hillary Clinton ridiculed in the media close to the government, did the Kremlin resentment fresh to her.

For Russia , the US presidential election could be summarized in a binary choice between Donald Trump , the “peace candidate” and Hillary Clinton , “the candidate of war” . The latter is “well known”, asserts the corresponding pro-government newspaper Rossiiskaya Gazeta, “for his hawk instincts, his faith in the dominant role of the US in the world and support for the latest American intervention abroad” . the Democratic leader, is the least we can say , does not collect any vote here: Russians prefer, by far, Donald Trump.
The North American Institute WIN / Gallup, which polled this summer representative panels in 45 countries invited to indicate their preference, made the observation: Russia is the only country where Mr. Trump won with 33 % against 10% for his rival. A choice confirmed by another survey published on 21 October by the Russian public institute VTsIOM, in which 35% of respondents believe that the election of the Republican candidate would correspond “to the interests of Russia”, against only 6% for M me Clinton.
“In the context of strong confrontation between Russia and the United States, the responses of citizens are fairly predictable, says Valery Fyodorov, general director of the Institute. They choose one that has publicly expressed sympathy for Putin [while that] Hillary Clinton is considered the continuation of the confrontational path taken by Obama. However, vis-à-vis distrust of the United States is so important that many do not see any improvement in bilateral relations regardless of the outcome of US elections. ” Never since the end of Cold War, in fact, relations between the two countries have been degraded.

But this distrust is not quite fair, and more than not, M me Clinton is derided in the media pro-Kremlin publishing, not without sexist overtones, photos of herself in ridiculous postures , wide eyes. There are worse things in the cartoon. On October 20, during a debate about Syria on the television channel NTV, the Democratic candidate was mentioned by name as the founder of the organization Islamic state .
Three times Oleg Barabanov, a teacher at the Institute of International Relations in Moscow and Valdai expert of the foundation, the first circle of Russian influence, repeated: “It’s good” Hillary “who created the first cell EI “, involving no other reaction than applause. The host of the show was chained: “The assault on Mosul [launched by Iraqi forces and supported by the West ] is done to put this city at the feet of M me Clinton. ”

The Democratic candidate is the cost of Kremlin strong resentment towards her. Secretary of State from 2009 to 2013, she was at the forefront during the attempt and failure, the “reset” – the overhaul of Russian-American relations. She was in office, also as head of diplomacy in the overthrow of Muammar Gaddafi in Libya , considered a fatal error in Russia, and at the major anti-Putin protests in Moscow winter 2011-2012, behind which the Kremlin has continued to see the hand of Washington.
In 2013, finally, while the embittered relations growing between Russia and the Ukraine before the annexation of the Crimea, M me Clinton declared at a fundraiser in California: “If you have the impression of having already seen what is happening in Ukraine, it is because that is what Hitler did in the 1930s ”

Since the campaign has entered the final stretch, the tension is still mounted to the case of intrusion in electronic trading headquarters of the Democratic candidate, and suspicions expressed by the FBI regarding an operation with the competition of Russian hackers. The last televised debate that has opposite its rival – in which the two candidates were cut to pieces on Russia – has been followed closely.
During his speech, Thursday 27 October, before an audience international meeting in Sochi, on the shores of the Black Sea, the Valdai Club, the Kremlin leader lambasted “hysteria that grows in the United States on Russian interference ” in American elections. ” America is a banana republic or what? This is a great power, but if I am wrong, correct me, ” he quipped. Under accents rather conciliatory, repeating once again that he would “work with any president elected by the American people,” Mr. Putin did, however, could not help but add a little more clearly partisan verse.

Riding the wave objecting elites in the West, where “referendums and elections bring more surprises,” the Russian head of state has evoked the personality of Donald Trump: “Of course, it behaves so a little extravagant, but I think it’s not entirely useless because, in my opinion, represents the interests of a part of society, quite significantly in the US, tired of the elites in power for decades. “” It represents the interests of ordinary people (…), emphasized Mr. Putin, those who do not like the transfer of power by inheritance. ” He did not mention Hillary Clinton.