Samsung: After Apple, the South Korean manufacturer will be able to test its autonomous cars

Techno 2 May, 2017

Like Apple, Samsung is working on standalone cars. He has just obtained permission to test them on the roads of Seoul in Korea.
Last month, meltyStyle confided to you that Samsung had taken back its leading position in the smartphone market . Dropped by Apple in the last quarter of 2016, the South Korean manufacturer is finally ironed in front of his American counterpart. But soon, they could both compete on another ground … The one of the autonomous cars, to which they seem to be very interested. A few weeks after Apple’s approval to test cars on California roads, it’s Samsung’s turn to get the green light … Head to Korea for the first trials!
Like Apple, Samsung works on autonomous cars incorporating artificial intelligence and deep learning. And thanks to the authorization issued by the Ministry of Territory, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, he will be able to start testing them on the roads of Seoul in Korea . According to information gathered by Korea Herald , experienced cars are Hyundai models to which Samsung has incorporated its technology. The opportunity to draw up a first report on its state of operation, and find ways to move forward. While waiting to learn more about this project, (re) discovers the patent filed by Samsung for the Galaxy Note range . Autonomous cars, it makes you dream?