Samsung Galaxy A3, A5 (2017): Mid-range smartphones are on sale!

Techno 3 February, 2017

The Galaxy A3 and A5 (2017) land this Friday, February 3. MeltyStyle you a good plan to shopper them.
After the failure of the Galaxy Note 7 withdrawn from the market following multiple explosions, Samsung is back in the game with the Galaxy A3 and A5 (2017) . Formalized within the framework of the CES, mid-range smartphones made a strong impression during their presentation. Yeah, the South Korean manufacturer has put the package on design and features to regain the trust of its customers. Were you impatient to be able to shopper one of the two smartphones concerned? Good news, they have just been marketed! You will be able to buy a quality device without ruining you.
Shopper for the Galaxy A3 and A5 (2017), which had recently the opportunity to discover several options available to you. Samsung, Amazon, Orange, Bouygues … They are all authorized to market them. But at meltyStyle, we found a good plan at Darty that we wanted absolutely to share. On the merchant site, the two smartphones are respectively displayed at 329 euros and 429 euros, which corresponds to the prices announced during the officialization. But a special offer is offered at this time … If you opt for the Galaxy A3 (2017), you get a refund of 30 euros deferred by Samsung, and Darty takes back your old mobile for 70 euros. Basically, you can get it for 229 euros. If you order the Galaxy A5 (2017), you can enjoy a refund of 50 euros by Samsung, 70 euros for mobile recovery by Darty, but also a micro SD card 128 GB to 1 euro (she is 59, 90 euros being sold alone). To take advantage, you just have to order on the site of Darty and remove your smartphone to shop in a point Click & Collect. So, is that tempting you?