Samsung Galaxy Note 7 “Fandom Edition”: The release date of the refurbished version has leaked!

Techno 28 June, 2017

The Galaxy Note 7 “Fandom Edition” would not be very far! According to the Wall Street Journal, it would disembark on July 7 in Korea, at the price of about 600 dollars.
Earlier in the day, meltyStyle made you share the renderings of the Galaxy Note 8 . You could admire its alleged design, including its Infinity Display. But before the new philette points its nose, it is the Galaxy Note 7 “Fandom Edition” that could land in Korea … The reconditioned version would be available from July 7 , if one believes The information gleaned from the Wall Street Journal . Samsung would look for this 7 “FE” note to limit the ecological impact of the Galaxy Note 7 failure, and test the loyalty of its fans as the name given it to him. It remains to be seen if its strategy will work.
The Galaxy Note 7 “Fandom Edition” would resume the features of the classic version of Note 7, except for the battery that was causing concern last summer. It would be marketed at a lower price, which would be around $ 600. It still seems expensive for a smartphone whose image is also dehorned, and that has almost a year … Not to mention that the Galaxy Note 8 would follow closely, since it is expected by the end of August . At meltyStyle, we really are not sure that this Galaxy Note 7 “FE” is a good idea. But in any case, in France, it should not be marketed.