Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Samsung Galaxy Note 7: 30% price reduction for its repackaging in Korea

The refurbished Galaxy Note 7 will be sold in Korea at a price 30% lower than the original version. Too bad France is not concerned!
A few hours ...

26 April, 2017
Samsung Galaxy: The Note 7 Range Back? Samsung responds!

A rumor on the net hinted that the Galaxy Note 7 could make its comeback. Today, Samsung answers it himself!
For latecomers, you are given a brief ...

22 February, 2017
Samsung Galaxy: The S8 Plus range will have the same battery as the Note 7

The Samsung Galaxy S8 range should have the same battery as Note 7. The explosions in less (of course).
Evoking the battery of the Galaxy Note 7 is ...

10 February, 2017
Samsung Galaxy Note 7: Authorities in turn explain the cause of the explosions

The chapter of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 will soon be closed with the explanation of the explosions of the phablette by the authorities themselves. ...

7 February, 2017
Samsung Galaxy Note 7: Iris scanner, Pen S Pen … Latest rumors!

The Galaxy Note 7 is revealed a little more. An internal memo from Samsung evokes its new features.

The countdown has begun for the Galaxy Note ...

1 February, 2017
Samsung Galaxy Note 7: The turn of France to block the phablette

France finally decided to block the Galaxy Note 7, famous phablette of Samsung having experienced serious problems of explosions.
While working on ...

31 January, 2017
The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will not explode, it’s promised!

Samsung reassures you. His next phone, the Galaxy Note 8, will not explode into your hands as his fatal predecessor the Galaxy Note 7.
If you're a ...

24 January, 2017
Samsung Galaxy Note 7: The reason for the explosions has finally been found!

The outcome of the Galaxy Note 7 case is near! Samsung finally found the reason for the explosions of his phablette.
The end of the year was ...

19 December, 2016
Samsung Galaxy S7: The possibility to hide his photos, videos or secret files?

And if one of the popular functions of the Galaxy Note 7 was available for the Samsung Galaxy S7? This possibility is already mentioned!
The Samsung ...

17 December, 2016