Samsung Galaxy Note 7: The turn of France to block the phablette

Techno 31 January, 2017

France finally decided to block the Galaxy Note 7, famous phablette of Samsung having experienced serious problems of explosions.
While working on its next smartphones, Samsung has a fixed idea in mind: to retrieve all the Galaxy Note 7. When the phone’s long awaited release this summer, multiple cases of explosions forced the manufacturer to remove the latter from the market (Despite a first reminder). 94% of Samsung Galaxy Note 7, which we know the official cause conflagrations , were thus recovered by the firm, leaving 6% of them free movement. To overcome this problem, South Korea has decided to disable PHABLET around the world to make it unusable and therefore prevent future accidents with little security conscious users.
France will be entitled to this deactivation (after the US, Australia, South Korea …) tomorrow with an update preventing it from recharging and connecting to various mobile networks. If you had important data on your phone, Samsung reassures you “After the software update, it will be possible to transfer the data by connecting the power cable. Once the cable is connected, the device can transfer data, then once disconnected, the device will power ” . The Galaxy Note 7, which could be repackaged with a new design , will also benefit from the opportunity to be fully refunded or exchanged against a Samsung Galaxy S7. What do you think ?