The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will not explode, it’s promised!

Techno 24 January, 2017

Samsung reassures you. His next phone, the Galaxy Note 8, will not explode into your hands as his fatal predecessor the Galaxy Note 7.
If you’re a smartphone fan, you could not miss the Battery Gate this summer. The Samsung Galaxy Note 7, whose firm has recovered a large percentage of models , suffered numerous conflagrations forcing the withdrawal of sales. Many users have been disappointed with this withdrawal in the face of one of the best smartphones market and its powerful technical features. Since then, the fans are waiting for his successor, the Galaxy Note 8, while hoping that the latter will not suffer the same problem. On this side, the CEO of Samsung DJ Koh reassured : their next PHABLET will not explode in your hands and will be equally interesting hardware level.
This morning DJ Koh also took the opportunity to reveal the official causes of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 explosions and present future measures to prevent such a problem represents. Note the range should be truly safe for future generations and provide users with the expected experience. The president of Samsung also described the future Galaxy Note 8 as “better, safer and more innovative” , but did not reveal what will happen the next PHABLET. The Galaxy S8, which will probably come out before, will be the opportunity for the firm to exploit new technology that will probably equip Note 8. Fingers crossed! What do you think ?