Samsung Galaxy Note 7: The reason for the explosions has finally been found!

Techno 19 December, 2016

The outcome of the Galaxy Note 7 case is near! Samsung finally found the reason for the explosions of his phablette.
The end of the year was particularly laborious for Samsung. After removing its Galaxy Note 7 market due to repeated explosions , the Asian manufacturer has faced a new challenge … It identify the cause of the biggest fiasco ever found. But ultimately, his efforts ended up paying off. Indeed, Samsung has (finally) understand why its Galaxy Note 7 will have made their own way . Information that the manufacturer keeps for the moment to communicate, but that could well mark the end of the dark period that he experienced. Samsung will therefore be able to start the year 2017 on the right foot.

The case of the Galaxy Note 7 is nearing completion
After much research, Samsung has finally found the reason for the explosion of his PHABLET, as revealed by The Investor . A report was sent to laboratories with which the manufacturer works, including Underwriters Laboratories and Korea Testing. But for now, Samsung has not yet wished to address the press and the general public to reveal to them the fruit of its long investigations. Anyway, Samsung can finally blow, and work serenely on its next devices. Starting with the Galaxy S8, which recently inspired a futuristic concept . Do you still trust Samsung?