Samsung Galaxy S7: The possibility to hide his photos, videos or secret files?

Techno 17 December, 2016

And if one of the popular functions of the Galaxy Note 7 was available for the Samsung Galaxy S7? This possibility is already mentioned!
The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 relied heavily on the safety of its users. In an increasingly connected world, piracy is quickly happening. Thus, with the iris scanner, it was possible to access a secret compartment where to place his photos, videos or secret files. But with the death of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, whose forced off will also take place in Europe , this enticing feature has disappeared … or maybe not. Because it seems that the firm has to offer this secret compartment to users of the Samsung Galaxy S7 . The smartphone represents one of the best sales of the giant and is still updated, despite its small age.

A function borrowed from the Galaxy Note 7
Only here, this security will not be present basic on the phone. You’ll have to go through the Galaxy Apps Store to get it. For the moment, no release date, but the latest rumors evoke an upcoming date. The Samsung Galaxy S7, including other major improvements would be forthcoming , still has much to offer. As proof, its developers continue to offer new features. A well needed to forget the fiasco of the Galaxy Note 7. The death of the giant PHABLET has tainted the reputation that must regain the trust of its users . Fortunately, this is without counting on the seriousness of Samsung . What do you think of this addition?