Samsung Galaxy: The S8 Plus range will have the same battery as the Note 7

Techno 10 February, 2017

The Samsung Galaxy S8 range should have the same battery as Note 7. The explosions in less (of course).
Evoking the battery of the Galaxy Note 7 is giving cold sweats to most smartphone aficionados. Normal when one knows that a hundred models have had the unfortunate tendency to explode this summer, definitively removing the model from the circulation. And while the authorities talked recently about the cause of the smartphone explosions , The Investor has just unveiled the battery capacity of the Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus. A battery that would have a power of 3,500 mAh is equivalent to that possessed by the deceased phablette of South Korean . But rest assured: the firm has learned from its mistakes and little chance that its next baby will catch fire too.
Samsung is also expected to buy from several suppliers, according to some rumors, a Japanese manufacturer for its Galaxy S8 . This part of the development of the smartphone will be very important and followed closely by the fans, the firm can not afford a new scandal (the previous will have seriously tainted its image and generated billions of losses). Of course, these rumors about the capacity of the battery are to be taken with tweezers . The manufacturer has not yet unveiled his phone and the date of its presentation remains unknown. And as usual in the world of smartphones, we must wait for officialization to detect the truth of the fake. Good idea or not ?