Samsung Galaxy: The name of the reconditioned version of Note 7 finally known?

Techno 19 May, 2017

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 should finally know a refurbished version. Better still: we know the name of the latter!
You could not miss this episode if you’re a fan of smartphones: the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 was a real fiasco this summer. The blame for multiple conflagrations forced the South Korean firm to withdraw its phablette from the market. For a long time, rumors of reconditioning of the latter have circulated but today they are increasingly strong. It seems that we know the name of the predecessor of the future Samsung Galaxy Note 8 (of which we already know several information) . This name should surprise you because it specifically targets the fans of the firm and its phablettes , much less the general public.
The name of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 refurbished would be none other than … Samsung Galaxy Note Fandom Edition . A name that proves that the phablette will be a real object of worship for its future possessor, if the rumors are proven. No chance, the short name of the phone will give Samsung Galaxy Note FE ( “fire” ) in France … a bad choice when you know his passive! Joking aside, this Galaxy Note 7 release, which would see a price drop of 30% for its repackaging in Korea , should please you if you always wanted to have the phablette but could not enjoy it. What do you think of that name?