Samsung Galaxy Note 7: Authorities in turn explain the cause of the explosions

Techno 7 February, 2017

The chapter of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 will soon be closed with the explanation of the explosions of the phablette by the authorities themselves.
Rest assured, you will not hear any more about the Galaxy Note 7! Obviously, all community stakeholders take precautions to prevent such an event from happening again and again after the blocking of the PHABLET in France , it was the turn of the Korean authorities to comment on the problems of explosions . For the government had also sought to know the reasons for these numerous conflagrations. The last skeptics will be reassured because his report is totally in line with the builder who had raised two major problems with the electrodes and the lack of insulation. With this ultimate confirmation, Samsung can now move forward.
As for the future, the bet Samsung remains of regaining their buyers strongly disappointed and concerned by this episode has tarnished the reputation of the firm. This will be the Samsung Galaxy S8, the Plus model is confirmed to perform this task. The Korean government is giving its full support to the builder who represents a large part of the country’s economy through these billions of revenue. But despite this, Korea has still to adopt legislation on lithium-ion batteries to avoid further trouble. Initial information about this decision suggests that the manufacturer will have to investigate upstream with a phase of prevention of smartphones. What do you think ?