Samsung Galaxy Note 7: 30% price reduction for its repackaging in Korea

Techno 26 April, 2017

The refurbished Galaxy Note 7 will be sold in Korea at a price 30% lower than the original version. Too bad France is not concerned!
A few hours ago, meltyStyle told you that the Galaxy S8 and S8 + could run to more than 50 million copies this year , according to one analyst. No wonder when we know the excitement aroused by the devices, and the number of pre-orders made. But Galaxy S8 and S8 + may not be the only Samsung- branded products to be acclaimed in the coming days / weeks. In Korea, the Galaxy Note 7 could also be used A box to the fans of the brand. Its price has just been unveiled, and it is logically more interesting than the one it was originally marketed.
The repackaging of the Galaxy Note 7 is no longer in doubt … The phablette will make its big comeback in Korea at the price of 700 000 won or 570 euros, which corresponds to a 30% price decrease . Admit that it is interesting … Especially since all the characteristics of the initial product will be part, except the battery reduced. Unfortunately, no release of this reconditioned Galaxy Note 7 is planned in France or even in Europe … Only the Koreans will be able to obtain it, at least initially. To console you, (re) discovers the presumed characteristics of the Galaxy Note 8 . Disappointed with not being able to shopper the reconditioned Galaxy Note 7?