Samsung Galaxy Note 8: Its code name has leaked, it promises!

Techno 7 March, 2017

The code name and model number of the Galaxy Note 8 have leaked! They say a lot about the phablette and the intentions of its manufacturer.
Earlier in the day, meltyStyle confided to you that the Galaxy Note 8 could be the first Samsung smartphone to benefit from a dual photo sensor . Anxious to forget the failure of the Galaxy Note 7, the South Korean manufacturer would have decided to raise the bar very high. But this is not the only information available about the phablette … Yeah, his alleged code name just leaked on SamMobile, and he says a lot about his abilities. According to the specialist site, the Galaxy Note 8 is known as “Great”, which means “Awesome” in English . What give us (even more) want to discover the device.
According to SamMobile , the Galaxy Note 8 would have for reference SM-N950F. The number relating to the Galaxy Note 7 was SM-N930F, so we find that the 4 has been zapped … No wonder when we know that this number is unfortunate in the Asian countries, especially in Korea. Although this information is credible, you are still warned about their merits. A few weeks ago, another leak assured that the code name of the Galaxy Note 8 was Baikal , referring to a very deep and transparent lake in southern Siberia. Be Online on meltyStyle to be kept informed of the upcoming rumors. Seduced by this code name?