Samsung Galaxy Note 8: The Infinity Display screen and dual photo sensor confirmed by a Korean newspaper

Techno 8 June, 2017

Like the Galaxy S8, the Galaxy Note 8 would adopt an Infinity Display … But it would stand out with a dual back photo sensor, a first for Samsung.
Earlier in the week, meltyStyle compared the photo quality of the Galaxy S8 with that of the iPhone 7 Plus . The South Korean smartphone won this duel at the top, with sharper, clearer and more colorful shots. But soon, Samsung could present an even more talented product in this field … The Galaxy Note 8, whose dual photo sensor has just confirmed . According to the Korean newspaper Newsis, the future phablette will be the first to adopt this device at Samsung … What to improve the blazon of a range abused last summer by the explosion scandal, and allow him to achieve sales also Satisfactory than those of the Galaxy S8.
In addition to this dual photo sensor, the Galaxy Note 8 would take the highlights of the Galaxy S8 which has passed 1 million copies in just one month in Korea . It would also be equipped with an Infinity Display with an 18.5: 9 format, one of the main reasons for its success. On the waist side, it would be on 6.3 inches, again according to Newsis that Phonandroid relayed. For comparison, the Galaxy S8 + has a 6.2 inch screen. To summarize, the Galaxy Note 8 could be a Galaxy S8 with a slightly larger screen, a dual photo sensor and a Pen S pen.