Samsung Galaxy S7: Available for purchase under 400 euros on an e-commerce site

Techno 12 April, 2017

Despite the release of the Galaxy S8, the Samsung Galaxy S7 remains a very good smartphone. And today, the former Korean flagship sees its price fall below 400 euros.
If you’re an absolute fan of the Samsung Galaxy S range, the S7 is for you. Released in 2016, this smartphone seems to be the right plan of the year. Thanks to the Android 7 update, it is about to have features that are found on the brand new Galaxy S8 . And since the release of the latter, the former flagship sees its price fall on the main e-commerce sites. Today, you can squarely shopper less than 400 euros . Yes, we are talking about a high-end terminal that was voted best Android smartphone in 2016, and meltyStyle explains how to take advantage of this tempting offer.
At the time these lines are written, it is the FNAC that offers the best price for the Korean smartphone. She sells it officially at 463.99 euros. But thanks to an ODR of 70 euros of Samsung , the price of the Samsung Galaxy S7 of 32 GB in pink gold passes under the bar of 400 bullets. It comes precisely at 393.99 euros, by ICI. It’s not bad for a smartphone that should soon officially welcome Bixby, the vocal assistant of his successor, the Galaxy S8 . So, ready to buy a new smartphone?