Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge: New flash sale on the SFR website!

Techno 19 May, 2017

The Galaxy S7 Edge is sold on the SFR website. You can get it for 1 euro or 49 euros depending on the selected package.
Earlier in the week, MeltyStyle confided to you that the Galaxy S7 Edge was available at a discount price . You could shopper it for less than 500 euros, which was really interesting. But if you do not have the desire or the possibility of releasing so much money in one go, then we have an alternative to suggest you … Buy it much cheaper on the SFR site for a suitable package. The Galaxy S7 Edge has been sold again by the operator last month. Until Monday midnight, you can buy it for 1 euro or 49 euros depending on your preferred option.
Your first option is to purchase the 100GB Limited Package at 34.99 euros per month. The Galaxy S7 Edge will then return to you at 49.99 euros, and you will have to add 8 euros per month for 24 months . Admit that it is advantageous! Otherwise, you can opt for the Power + 50 GB package at 47.99 euros per month for 12 months then 57.99 euros, and in this case the smartphone will be offered to 1 euro with the same addition of 8 euros for 24 months . It’s up to you to see, but at meltyStyle, you clearly lean for option # 1. Otherwise, you can also expect a drop of the Galaxy S8, which has already sold more than 5 million copies . So you’re gonna crack?