Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge: New flash sale on the SFR website!

The Galaxy S7 Edge is sold on the SFR website. You can get it for 1 euro or 49 euros depending on the selected package.
Earlier in the week, ...

19 May, 2017
Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge: On sale at less than 500 euros!

It's time to never shoot the Galaxy S7 Edge! The smartphone is offered at less than 500 euros on a website.
You are a fan of Samsung smartphones ...

17 May, 2017
Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge: Shoppe the phone at low price before the release of the S8!

The release of the Samsung Galaxy S8 is approaching ... you know what that means? That his big brother, the Galaxy S7 Edge, is now at a small price! ...

29 March, 2017
Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, iPhone 6s, iPhone 7 … Which smartphone has sold the most in 2016?

Which of Samsung or Apple designed the best selling smartphone in 2016? The answer in the analysis of the firm IHS Markit.
During the MWC, the ...

24 March, 2017
Samsung Galaxy S7, S7 Edge: Great promos on both smartphones!

The Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge are the subject of a flash sale on Rue du Commerce. You can shopper them at less than 550 euros.
Earlier in the week, ...

17 March, 2017
Samsung Galaxy S7: What phones can you exchange for the reduction of 100 euros?

Several resellers are currently organizing a takeover of 100 euros from your old phone for the Galaxy S7. But can you sell yours?
Many brands ...

13 March, 2017
Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, iPhone 7 Plus, Huawei P9 … the MWC 17 chose its best smartphone!

Like every year at the MWC, the GSMA organizer gives a prize for the best smartphone of the past year. Between the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, iPhone 7 ...

28 February, 2017