Samsung Galaxy S7: What phones can you exchange for the reduction of 100 euros?

Techno 13 March, 2017

Several resellers are currently organizing a takeover of 100 euros from your old phone for the Galaxy S7. But can you sell yours?
Many brands currently offer an exchange offer rather tempting to obtain a discount of 100 euros on the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge . An offer also allowing to cumulate reduction code and ODR to reach the pretty sum of 300 euros . But then what is this discount of 100 euros? It’s simple: a store like Darty takes back your old phone for this amount, without any additional conditions. But then can you give any mobile, even your old Nokia 3310 that drags to the bottom of a drawer for many years? Well It would seem from Les Numériques that yes since it did the test in store!
The site went to a Darty store with a Wiko Lite worth 99 euros in 2014 and was able to resell it for 100 euros. The sign also stated that touch phones could be picked up and that, of course, the only condition was that the product was functional. A good way to make money, get rid of an old mobile and get a new premium ! Despite its age, the Samsung Galaxy S7 (which has notably driven up the market share of Android Nougat) remains one of the best smartphones on the market. It is capable with its powerful technical features to compete against other giants like the iPhone 7 or Google Pixel.