Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge: On sale at less than 500 euros!

Techno 17 May, 2017

It’s time to never shoot the Galaxy S7 Edge! The smartphone is offered at less than 500 euros on a website.
You are a fan of Samsung smartphones but the Galaxy S8 is far too expensive for your budget? The solution is all found! It’s called Galaxy S7 Edge, and it’s going to fill you up. As gifted as its successor in the field of photography , flagship with curved edges remains one of the best smartphones on the market. And the advantage is that it can be found at a discount price at some dealers. Today, you can shopper less than 500 euros at eGlobal Central, a reduction of 38% compared to its original price . And in addition, the delivery is free.
Last weekend, meltyStyle confided to you that the Galaxy S7 was on sale at less than 450 euros on Amazon . It was really the right plan! But if you prefer the Galaxy S7 Edge, then it is at eGlobal Central that you have to order … Marketed a year ago, the Galaxy S7 Edge is full of qualities … In addition to having a neat design, It has excellent image and photo quality, and enjoys a good autonomy. To take advantage of this promotion, go to eGlobal Central . Unless you prefer to save to buy the Galaxy S8 Pirates of the Caribbean Edition. Interested in this offer?