Samsung Galaxy S7, S7 Edge: Great promos on both smartphones!

Techno 17 March, 2017

The Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge are the subject of a flash sale on Rue du Commerce. You can shopper them at less than 550 euros.
Earlier in the week, meltyStyle confided to you that the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 Plus were on sale at PriceMinister . You could shopper them at 720 and 810 euros in their version 128 GB. But if you did not have time to order, or if you simply do not like Apple, then we have another good plan to share … It concerns the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge, and it is very interesting. At the moment, the two smartphones of Samsung are sold a flash on Rue du Commerce . You can get them for less than 450 and 520 euros each taking into account the offer of refund of the manufacturer. For products of this quality, it really is a good offer.
The Galaxy S7 Gold is displayed at 509 euros instead of 599 euros, a 15% discount. But thanks to the offer of refund of 70 euros set up by Samsung, the smartphone comes back to you only 439 euros . And if you prefer the Galaxy S7 Black, it will add 10 euros. The Galaxy S7 Edge Black is offered at 589.99 euros instead of 699 euros, or 16% off. And with the ODR, we arrive at a price of 519.99 euros. As for the gold and pink versions, they are worth 10 euros more. So, you have all the cards in hand to take advantage of this offer … Unless you prefer to try your luck to win a trip to Paris and a OnePlus 3T “colette edition” . So, interested?