Samsung Galaxy S7: Good plan, the former flagship goes under the bar of 350 euros!

Techno 28 June, 2017

The Samsung Galaxy S7 offers a very nice camera and excellent battery life. And on the occasion of summer sales, the smartphone enjoys a nice promo to pass under the bar of 350 euros.
This is the big day ! The summer sales have just started and the good plans keep flourishing on the web. If the Samsung Galaxy A5 2017 has just passed below 300 euros , it is the Galaxy S7 that takes advantage of the most beautiful promo. Voted the best smartphone in 2016, the former Korean flagship is available at less than 350 euros . And yet, it has to compete with the best terminals of the moment. So, I am the guide to take advantage now of this attractive offer that should not be missed.
Marketed around 550 euros on the web, the Samsung Galaxy S7 is available at only 349 euros on CDiscount . If the merchant site displays the smartphone at 419 euros, an ODR (offer of delayed repayment) gives you the opportunity to obtain it with 70 euros of discount. And at 349 euros, the Galaxy S7 becomes a real deal in gold. But if you are looking for an iOS device, you can get an iPad, iPhone or MacBook in several times at no charge from Apple.