Samsung Galaxy S7: Many worrying bugs on the screen

Techno 25 January, 2017

Many users report an annoying bug on the Samsung Galaxy S7: a huge pink line on the screen of the phone …
When a telephone is experiencing a problem that is not clearly isolated, there is cause for concern. While the problems related to the battery are commonplace in the world of smartphones, a new bug has just appeared in the Samsung Galaxy S7. Several users of Reddit found a pink line at the screen , pink line shows exactly the same place at all. Yet the latter provide a use having perfectly normal for their Samsung Galaxy S7 (including Android Nougat is currently deployed) . Since then, users speculate enormously about the cause of this rather annoying display bug.
Weak screen, defective connectors, concerns related to the Android update Nougat? Theories are numerous although Samsung has been quick to react on this case . If you notice this problem on your Samsung Galaxy S8, the manufacturer simply invites you to contact his service department for a replacement. To solve the problem yourself, there is nevertheless a home-made solution. In the application phone, enter * # 0 * # then select the setting red – green – blue . With this, the Samsung Galaxy S7 – including Coral Blue is soon in France – would normally say goodbye to that ugly line rose from nowhere. Hopefully this bug will be the last for the smartphone from Samsung ! What do you think ?