Samsung Galaxy S7: Still a good idea to buy it?

Techno 17 April, 2017

The Samsung Galaxy S7 has lived well. He celebrated his first birthday, and his successor has just come out. A good idea to buy it?
It’s time for the Samsung Galaxy S7. This one blew on February 21 its first candle. His South Korean manufacturer even announced his successor a few weeks ago. In one year, it was a great success. More than 25 million copies of the smartphone were sold in the first months of its marketing. With the failure of Note 7, the Galaxy S7 had even been the object of a renewed interest, with, in particular, a new color. Yes, but now, the S8 has just been announced. The new generation is likely to pique the spotlight. Its price has been declining for many months, offered at less than 400 € at certain dealers . Is it always a good idea to get it?
Even a year after its release, the Galaxy S7 remains an admirable smartphone, and does not have to blush in relation to the new generation. Proof of its excellence, Samsung did not consider it necessary to improve the sensor of the Galaxy S8. The Exynos 8890 processor and its 4 GB processor are still up and running, and will be able to run the most demanding Google Play Store applications. It is also not forgotten by Samsung who risks offering him Bixby, his voice assistant , while continuing to update regularly with Android Nougat. If you add its very interesting price, the Galaxy S7 remains a very good smartphone, even in 2017. You can buy it with eyes closed. You valid?