Samsung Galaxy S7: Thanks to Android 7.0, it becomes the right plan of the year

Techno 12 April, 2017

Voted the best Android smartphone in 2016, the Samsung Galaxy S7 always has a say. Thanks to the Android 7.0 update, it could downright take advantage of the features of the Galaxy S8.
The Samsung Galaxy S7 will soon be able to smell you in 2017. The smartphone that has made room for the Galaxy S8 in the shelves has become a real monster of power, Android Nougat is available. And if Bixby was available on the S7 via an APK file , the voice assistant of the Galaxy S8 could officially appear on the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge . After Samsung confirmed the appearance of Bixby on other Galaxy smartphones, we can bet that the Galaxy S7 will be among the lucky ones. Better still, it should also enjoy the Samsung Experience 8.1.
Since the Samsung Galaxy S8 has a button on the slice that is dedicated to Bixby , do not expect the voice assistant to be as fluid on the old Korean flagship. But if your Galaxy S7 has been updated on Android Nougat, you already enjoy the Samsung Experience 8. Thanks to this overlay, you can adjust the performance or change the resolution. And according to latest rumors, Samsung Experience 8.1 should soon be available on the S7. The other feature expected on this smartphone is the level of its camera. The Galaxy S7 camera app could thus enjoy the Snapchat-like filters or even easier access to zoom .