Samsung Galaxy S8: A flat case that would protect the photo module?

Techno 23 January, 2017

The Samsung Galaxy S8 should have a little novelty and not the least: a flat shell, without the photo module protruding, to avoid shocks
The Chinese social network Weibo is a benchmark of rumors around the next smartphones. Rumors sometimes proved, sometimes not. The latest concerns a photo of alleged Samsung Galaxy S8 (including Bixby could learn to read) that would have leaked and highlights a flat hull aft . Many see it as a way to save space for the firm but also to prevent users from damaging the photo sensor. This may have happened to you if you play the daredevil while walking without a protective shell but when a phone falls on the back, the lens often carries the whole shock. You can say goodbye to your device and send it to the after-sales service for repair.
Of course, the authenticity of the photo remains to prove but if the latter is true, it would mark a break with the previous models of South Korean. Not to mention that the Samsung Galaxy S8, the picture of a model Or would have leaked online , should offer many new aesthetic. A redesigned screen with touch present on the entire surface, a double image sensor and a fast charging … there are many rumors about the upcoming flagship of Samsung . The firm aims to catch up with the fiasco of the Galaxy Note 7. And the slightest change, like a flat photo sensor, will play in its favor to sell. What do you think ?