Samsung Galaxy S8, a real commercial success in France compared to the Galaxy S7!

Techno 24 April, 2017

The Galaxy S8 is selling very well. Samsung said pre-orders for its flagship in France have increased by 20% compared to those of the Galaxy S7. The details !
The Galaxy S8 is delighting its first users. While its official release is scheduled only on the weekend (April 28), those who pre-order it at the beginning of its launch have already received! And obviously, the Samsung Galaxy S8 met a greater success in France compared to the Galaxy S7. While we have just spent a full day with the Samsung Galaxy S8 +, the pre-orders of his little brother are better than those of the Galaxy S7, just that!
The Korean giant explained to the Figaro that the pre-orders of its Galaxy S8 in France have gained 20% compared to those of its predecessor, the Galaxy S7. It is necessary that the splendid curved screen of the S8 and S8 + is a real buying argument since no manufacturer offers such a beautiful slab. But now that the pre-orders are finished, you’ll have to wait until April 28 before you can shoot a Galaxy S8 or S8 +. If you want to know more about the Galaxy S8 +, do not hesitate to read our test of this smartphone of 6.2 inches.