Samsung Galaxy S8: At less than 600 euros, the smartphone becomes a golden deal!

Techno 30 June, 2017

Since the beginning of the summer sales 2017, the price of the Samsung Galaxy S8 keeps falling. Today, the powerful Korean smartphone is available at less than 600 euros! Check out this great plan.
If you’re a fan of the Galaxy S8, Samsung’s new flagship, and you want to give it to yourself without paying a high price, you’re on the right page. Marketed at 809 euros, the Korean smartphone is available at less than 600 euros . And with the incredible performance of the Samsung Galaxy S8, its excellent battery life and its Infinity screen just wow (read our full smartphone test to learn more) , we can say without going too far that it would be really stupid to miss out on This enticing offer. Come on, take your CB before you continue reading.
The Samsung Galaxy S8 in its 64 GB version in carbon black is available at PriceMinister at only 594.89 euros at PriceMinister , a little over 220 euros discount. Another promotion at Samsung , the Gear S3 Frontier and Classic take advantage of 100 euros discount at Orange . If you want to give in to the sirens of the connected wrist, this is the moment or never. So, what are you waiting for to please you?