Samsung Galaxy S8: First problem with its screen Infinity Display!

Techno 18 April, 2017

The Galaxy S8 Infinity Display is already making its own! South Korean users complain of a red veil on the slab of their flagship.
The Galaxy S8, officially launched on March 29th, has attracted a huge following throughout the world. Its borderless design and Infinity Display have made a strong impression on the general public, as well as on specialized media. Not surprisingly, South Korean users were quick to shopper as soon as they had the opportunity! But unfortunately, the euphoria soon gave way to disappointment … Why? Because they found that a red veil appeared over the entire surface of the flagship screen . They obviously remounted the problem to Samsung, which responded to them in the wake. No, the Galaxy S8 that was discovered last week in Paris is not perfect.
“It’s not a quality problem and it can be adjusted in the settings of the smartphone. If the red color is always present, users can exchange it in our service center , ” said Samsung, relays Phonandroid . The second option was finally approved by the concerned users, the latter not being able to solve the problem via the settings of their smartphone. According to one analyst, this screen problem would be linked to the enormous demand that the Galaxy S8 aroused … Samsung would have accelerated the production of the device by perhaps zaping some steps of quality control. While waiting to learn more, (re) discovers the comparison between the Honor 8 Pro and the Galaxy S8 made by Honor France .