Samsung Galaxy S8: Its official voice assistant!

Techno 16 March, 2017

The existence of Bixby is no longer in doubt! Samsung Italy has just confirmed that the Galaxy S8 would be endowed with a voice assistant.
The Galaxy S8 is undeniably one of the most anticipated smartphones of the year. No wonder the leaks multiply on it! A few hours ago, meltyStyle confided to you that the flagship would come in 6 colors to stick to the tastes of all the users. But today, it’s not a rumor but information that we have to share … It concerns Bixby, the personal assistant that will be endowed the smartphone concerned. Largely evoked since the beginning of the year, the existence of this tool of voice control has just been confirmed by the Italian branch of Samsung . Yes, Siri has to worry about.
It is through its website that Samsung Italy confirmed the existence of Bixby, as relay Frandroid . On the mobile device privacy policy page, the manufacturer added that it would be possible to “control all operations using voice commands with Bixby . ” It has the merit of being clear! True to the future of the Galaxy S8, Bixby should be entitled to a physical button on the side, as revealed by the various leaked photos. While awaiting the officialization of the device on March 29, (re) discovers the new photo of the Galaxy S8 + with screen on . Pressed to use Bixby on the Galaxy S8?