Samsung Galaxy S8: The launch date of the pre-orders has leaked!

Techno 16 March, 2017

The launch date of the Galaxy S8 pre-orders has leaked! According to the latest rumor, the Koreans will be able to reserve it from April 7th.
Earlier in the day, meltyStyle told you that the Galaxy S8 personal assistant had been officialized by Samsung Italy . As the rumors gave it to him, Bixby will be well out of the game and may even have the right to a personalized button. Are you impatient to take advantage of this feature, and of all the other features chanmé that will embark the flagship concerned? So the latest rumor should be of interest to you. It concerns the launch of pre-orders for the Galaxy S8 in Korea, which would come shortly after its presentation. There is a long time to wait before you can book and shopper the Asian flagship!
According to the latest information that Phonandroid has relayed, the Galaxy S8 would be available for pre-order as early as April 7 in Korea, less than 10 days after its officialization . A date that coincides with the release of the LG G6, one of its future rivals in the market. Samsung does not want to let its competitor shade it, and we understand it. With regard to pre-orders in Europe, they should take place a few days later, probably between 10 and 15 April. To help you to wait until then, (re) discovers the colors in which the Galaxy S8 could be declined , and already begins to make your choice. Pressed to be able to shopper the Galaxy S8?