Samsung Galaxy S8 +: Unpacking and handling the smartphone

Techno 20 April, 2017

OMG, I became a VIP at Samsung. The Korean giant lent me its Galaxy S8 +, the big brother of the S8. After unpacking and a few hours in his company, here are my first impressions.
I am one of the lucky ones who will test the Samsung Galaxy S8 +. I’m a bit ashamed, but nothing but the packaging of the latest flaghsip from Samsung gives me as many thrills as a new NLP album. I carefully open the package and I can take the Samsung Galaxy S8 + in black (Midnight Black). He throws it like a piano at 20,000 balls! Visually impressive, the Samsung Galaxy S8 + has a curved screen that should make everyone agree . Aesthetically, the new jewel of the Korean giant left me speechless. I just felt like just holding the screen in my hand. Well, it’s true that on this day of 4/20 (Cannabis Day), it is difficult to be credible. But I assure you that I have not smoked yet.
The first surprise that bluffs me on this Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus is the slab Super AMOLED. It seems to be of very good quality. Once the Waouh effect began to dissipate, I realized that the Home button had given way to three touch buttons. Pressing it, I felt a pressure on the finger while it is not even a real button . He abandoned his mechanical side to go to touch, with a haptic return that simulates the sensations (like your girlfriend) of a physical button.
Despite its 6.2 inches, the Galaxy S8 More Samsung remains very compact. Well, it’s true that if you have small hands, you will have trouble accessing all the buttons on this beautiful smartphone but it is also the price to pay to have a sublime screen. In my eyes, only the wow side of his screen could justify the purchase of this mobile phone. This quick grip has been promising and I look forward to testing this Galaxy S8 + this week. While waiting to discover my verdict, you can rediscover the speed test opposing the Galaxy S8 to the iPhone 7 and the LG G6.