Samsung: The Galaxy S8 is the delight of repairers!

Techno 10 May, 2017

The Samsung Galaxy S8 is very fragile … To the delight of the repairers, who expect great profits thanks to him.
With its Infinity Display and sophisticated borders, the Samsung Galaxy S8 is without a doubt one of the most aesthetic smartphones on the market … But it is also one of the most fragile, and it is much less stylish . A few days ago, meltyStyle shared with you the UFC-Que-Choisir test … It revealed that after a big fall, the Asian flagship was almost finished . But if this finding is to deplore for users of the Galaxy S8, it is a boon for repairers … Thanks to him, their sales will increase, they are convinced!
According to a survey conducted by Motherboard and Phonandroid relayed, repairers are absolutely fans of the Galaxy S8 … Not because it is beautiful and powerful, but because it will allow them to work and earn money ! For Justin Caroll, head of a specialty shop, “In the long term the phone will necessarily be broken” . Less than 24 hours after the phone came out, he had already received a call to repair it! And the good news is that the components of the Galaxy S8 are priced lower than those of the Galaxy S7 … The benefits are therefore more juicy! While waiting to break your Galaxy S8 – you do not want it, of course – test your knowledge about it via the test that ‘ We’ve concocted you . Can the fragility of the Galaxy S8 make you want to buy it?