Scream Queens Season 2: What if Grace (Skyler Samuels) was the killer?

Cinema 8 November, 2016

While Season 2 Scream Queens is currently paused, could it be that Grace (Skyler Samuels) is the killer?

skyler-samuels-scream-queens-skyler-samuelsUnmasked? While the series is currently paused on the network FOX , we were wondering when would be broadcast episode 5 of Season 2 Scream Queens . While waiting to find our heroes in the disturbing CURE Institute, a theory gradually made its place in the community of fans, wishing that Grace is the Green Villain! As in real life, Skyler Samuels decided to a pause in his career to finish school (and since January 2016), it is true qu’étonnement the character of Grace is never mentioned in the new episodes. In fact, we all wonder what could have happened to the woman while she was at the center of the first season. This absence is felt particularly vis-à-vis the character Zayday, who was her best friend, and so speculation about a surprise return are becoming more numerous.
This year, Ryan Murphy, the creator, has demonstrated with the season 6 of American Horror Story (the promo video of episode 9 we announced that the pace will pick up) , he was able to surprise us now the secrecy surrounding its filming. So can it be a surprise we be reserved for Scream Queens and Grace is the Green Villain? Surely we would be astonished and reveal that Grace became deranged (because you have to be to join Hester) would be particularly intriguing. This could help us understand the silence of all Grace, to know what happened in the life of the young woman from the season one finale and explain why the Green Vilain spared Zayday and especially why he massacres the munsch patients.
The reason of such a metamorphosis would certainly start surprising subplots! Do Munsch did something to the father of Grace? Consequently, the young woman would revenge? Also, the story of 1985 if it has only to confuse us? Or both stories can they mingle, thereby offering us several killers? We see it, the interest is Grace Green Vilain is multiple . Nevertheless, several factors tend to prove that Skyler Samuels, so Grace will not be back. The actress is not referenced on specialized sites for this season and especially it has not been spotted on the set. Anyway, hopeful for such return takes place. Would you like Grace is the killer?