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Techno 31 March, 2018

2018-03-31 10:18

See how a naked female scientist tries to tame Beluga whales under the Arctic ice
For scientific purposes!

World champion in freediving and a scientist, Natalia avseenko spent a few minutes in the icy water of the White sea at a temperature of only six degrees, floating naked with blagami, reports Rus.Media.

But this is not just for beauty! But why make such sacrifices? Now everyone will talk!

36-year-old avseenko had to remove all my clothes, as blogum, Arctic whales, do not like touching the skin of artificial materials.

In addition, the clothing interferes with the echolocation used by the whales for the perception of the surrounding world.

White sturgeon are distinguished from other animals by the fact that their faces can convey different emotions.

A unique experiment took place in the North-West of Russia in the Murmansk region White sea near the Arctic circle.

Here whales and dolphins tame experts before you send them to dolphinariums around the world.

Path to ocean animals special block mesh.

Many animal advocates believe this practice content and learning cruel.

The belugas on the head of a fronto-nasal fat pad — melon, which was used for echolocation.

This body is surrounded by muscle layers and can change the configuration.

Animal with melona directs high-frequency sound waves to any object and listen to the echo.

For this reason, a better contact with blagami experts recommend starting to get acquainted with them without clothes, which the animal may perceive it as distracting barrier.

Natalia, who had generally been in the water a record 10 minutes and 40 seconds while swimming under water used yoga methods to correctly hold your breath in ice water.

Otherwise, at this low temperature respiration can intercept, and people will die.

An inexperienced person to death would be enough five minutes in the icy water.

In nature, around the world lives about 100 thousand belugas.

People caught the first whale of this species was shown publicly in new York in 1861.

Belugas do well at school, so they are kept in aquariums around the world.

Natalia avseenko is included into the five of the strongest athletes in the history of freediving.

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