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They are married to a February 13, 1973, at 13: 13. Thirteen, rather a lucky number. It may not be. Swept up in a media whirlwind, the newlyweds will not be able to register their love in the long term. Love stories end badly in general.

I have a deep disgust for the marriage. Sign such a paper I would give the impression to be an object. My wedding with Ringo is still a too bad memory “, said the star in our pages, a few years ago, when we asked if she wanted to marry his companion Yves Martin – she will eventually say yes in 2006. That is to say, if her first wedding had injured. And yet this February 13, 1973, at 13: 13, the whole of France had the tear in the eye watching this young and handsome couple who came to unite for the best…. And unfortunately also for the worse.

Their union lasted for four years. Sheila, true to her choice, hasn’t forgotten anything of the bad as the good. So when, years later, when issuing The Couch of Jean-Marc Fogiel, the latter is returned to the attitude of Ringo, Sheila was upset. While Marc-Olivier Fogiel asked him about their marriage, from 1973 to 1979, here’s what Sheila has dropped to about Ringo : “It, it annoys me ! I read an interview of him that says : “We never loved each other, we met a quarter of an hour in our life…” But it is disgusting ! But it’s disgusting, my old, you assumed ! Ok, it is very poorly finished, it’s not serious, but should not be dirty : it was a beautiful story and you don’t have the right to spit on it ! “. To their union was born a son, Ludovic, who had died in the night of 7 to 8 July.

For Sheila, no question about arranged marriage – the two artists had the same producer. “ I really fell in love with it. Of course, we sang The gondolas in Venice, and there, in the genre of cheesy, we couldn’t do worse ! I was at the time a next kid, I believed in the dreams… After that, it went into a spin.

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