Should we really let the engine warm up in the winter?

Avto 9 January, 2018
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    Frédéric Mercier

    Tuesday, January 9, 2018 11:00

    Tuesday, January 9, 2018 11:00

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    With the cold weather we just experienced, the batteries of our cars have been tested since the beginning of the winter.

    And once their car deigns to start, many drivers leave the engine running at idle for several minutes, let it warm up before taking the road.

    But did we really need to wait that long? The quick answer is: no.


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    According to Transport Canada, “the most cars do that up to thirty seconds to warm up the engine for it to reach the temperature necessary to drive, even when it is extremely cold.”

    So it’s good to let it run a bit, but not necessary to wait five or even ten minutes before you take to the road.

    In fact, in the long term, it can even become harmful. According to the trade magazine Road & Track, a vehicle that idles for too long promotes the dilution of the engine oil. The best way to warm up his vehicle instead of driving the vehicle very calmly until the temperature rises and allows for a normal use.

    An old belief

    This false belief that a car in the cold needs several minutes before being able to function properly dates back to a time where the vehicles were equipped with engine equipped with a carburetor.

    However, the carburetors have been abandoned for over 30 years and just about all the cars that circulate on our roads today are rather equipped with a fuel injection system.

    In short, unless you’re driving a old car carburetor, you do not win absolutely nothing to let your engine run for several minutes.