Soon a supercar electric for Audi

Avto 8 July, 2017
  • Germain Goyer

    Friday, July 7, 2017 13:26

    Friday, July 7, 2017 13:31

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    Audi is expected to introduce a new supercar electric completely insane.

    It is said Peter Mertens, the head of the section of research and development of Audi, on the sidelines of the Formula racing Electric, which was taking place in Berlin during an interview given to Autocar.

    For the German manufacturer, it is not a first. Recall that we could see a first prototype in the third film of the series
    Iron Man.

    The R8 e-tron has subsequently been offered to the account-drop for 19 months, just before the change of generation at the beginning of the year 2016. Audi has sold a hundred. We could hardly distinguish the R8 is said to be regular. While the world has already forgotten.



    To Peter Mertens, there is no doubt that a supercar is an all-electric definitely has its place within the range Audi. When we see the enthusiasm of the fortunate people to electric cars, including those produced by Tesla, we can only agree with him.

    At this stage, it is unfortunately still much too early to know the performance or battery life.

    However, it is known that it is expected that this new supercar will not be a variation of the R8. It will be a fully-fledged model.